Cafe Bistro


Discover: Cafe bistro is now known for its awesome taste and it is considered among the best in the city. Client approached us with a concept of cafe store with some unique cuisines and required a rebranding/brand identity to revamp their identity and look, which can communicate. The brainstorming with lots of ideation and exploration made it clear that it had to be one stop destination for the foodies; it can be possible only with the strong brand identity.

Define: My targeted audience was off course foodies around the city hence design has to be vibrant and fresh to invoke the curiosity. To provide unique identity I did some extensive amount of brainstorming which finally led to appealing and refined design.

Design: We zeroed/null deflected on the red color which is known to boost your hunger. Required lots of combination of vibrant colors to bring the freshness as the design had to be vibrant and bold. Along with the logo I worked on stationary and all the ambience creator displays with neat layout that was welcoming.

  • Year
  • 2013-14
  • Client
  • Cafe Bistro